Restoring Wasabi Wallet in Electrum

Potential privacy leak!

If you do not run your own Electrum server, you will leak all your addresses to random third-party servers, losing anonymity against those entities, so you must make a judgement call by being aware of this.

To gain some privacy by using Electrum you should set up Tor on Network preferences or by installing your own Electrum server via Electrum Personal Serveropen in new window, ElectrumXopen in new window or Electrsopen in new window.

Electrum does currently not support Taproot

As of Wasabi version 2.0.3open in new window, users may receive Taproot outputs from coinjoin or as a change output from a normal transaction. So when recovering a wallet from Wasabi in Electrum some funds might be missing, as the Taproot (SegWit v1) coins are not shown. An other wallet that does support Taproot should be used for recovering Taproot coins.

Restoring Wasabi Wallet via Electrum GUI

  1. Launch Electrum.

    If you don't have a wallet created on Electrum it should automatically display an Install Wizard. If it opens your default wallet then go to File -> New/Restore.

  2. Name your new Electrum wallet.

  3. Choose Standard wallet.

  4. Choose I already have a seed.

  5. Type in your seed (recovery words).

  6. Click the Options button, then select BIP39 seed and if you created your Wasabi wallet with a password make sure to check Extend this seed with custom words and type your password in the Seed extension window.

  7. On the Script type and Derivation path window, choose native SegWit (p2wpkh) or manually insert m/84'/0'/0'.

  8. Increase the gap limit by opening Electrum's Console and execute the following commands:

    wallet.gap_limit_for_change = 100